Vanessa Hudgens Is 'Powerless' In NBC's DC Comics Workplace Comedy

It's about time the regular people of the superhero world get their due. It can't be easy living a normal life when Doomsday could come to Earth at any moment and blow up your favorite place for lunch. NBC is going to tell the story of those normal people in the upcoming DC Comcis workplace comedy, Powerless, and Vanessa Hudgens has just been cast as its first star.

The Spring Breakers actress, who just appeared in Fox's Grease: Live, will play  Emily Locke, an insurance claims adjuster who loves helping people, but is growing frustrated at the amount of destruction caused by superheroes and supervillains. See, this is why Batman is so pissy in Batman v Superman.

Just don't expect any crossovers with Gotham, The Flash, or Arrow. None of the DC Comics heroes are expected to appear, but they'll probably be hinted at strongly.