Tom Hiddleston Is A Fast Learner In Trailer For Ben Wheatley's 'High-Rise'

Able to predict what rising star filmmaker Ben Wheatley will tackle next? Then you're a smarter person than I am, because the director has bounded around from style to style and from genre to genre, making him nearly impossible to predict. His latest, the dark social commentary High-Rise, is another severe change of direction for Wheatley, but it also looks fascinating and boasts an incredible cast.

Starring Tom Hiddleston, Elisabeth Moss, Jeremy Irons, Sienna Miller, Luke Evans, and James Purefoy, the film takes place in a luxury apartment where a violent class system erupts. Here's the official synopsis:

1975. Dr. Robert Laing, seeking anonymity, moved near London into a new apartment just finished a round; but he will soon discover that his neighbors obsessed with a strange rivalry, do not intend to leave him in peace ... Soon, he takes their game. And while he struggles to enforce its social position, his good manners and his mental health began to deteriorate along with the building: lighting and elevator no longer work but the party continues! Alcohol became the first currency exchange and sex panacea. It was only much later that Dr. Laing, sitting on his balcony in the process of roasting the dog of the architect of the 40th floor, finally feels at home.

High-Rise opens in the U.K. next month should hit stateside later this year.