Third 'Wolverine' Film Could Be R-Rated

Over the weekend Deadpool had the highest-grossing opening weekend for an R-rated movie ever, and instantly became 20th Century Fox's top X-Men film. That's more than all of the team movies and certainly more than both Wolverine films. So perhaps it's not a surprise that Fox wants to try and replicate that success with Hugh Jackman's final turn as the clawed X-Man by giving him even more of an edge.

It looks like the third Wolverine film will be Rated R, according to a promo booklet from Fox's Toy Fair presentation. Wolverine has always seemed like a weird character to be rated PG-13, given that he has adamantium claws and slices up people, and it looks like Fox and director James Mangold have decided to let the character cut loose.

Would an R-rating mean a certain Merc with a Mouth could make a cameo? That's always possible, especially since Deadpool takes every opportunity to poke fun at Wolverine and Jackman. Let's just hope this isn't a case of giving it an R-rating just for the heck of it.

The next Wolverine film opens March 3rd 2017. [Reddit]