The Batmoile Tears Out Of The Batcave in New 'Batman v Superman' Clip

With every new Batman movie there must be a new Batmobile. Why? Because Batmobile merchandise sells like crazy, and the Dark Knight's sweet ride is a major promotional tool. So why would it be any different with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? It isn't, which is why Warner Bros. has dropped a brief clip featuring nothing but the Batmobile going really fast.

It's only about 10-seconds long but it offers the best look at the Batmobile in action yet...well, at least until Superman comes along and starts ripping it apart. Perhaps this is a way of trying to jumpstart audience excitement after word broke that some Warner Bros. execs were nervous the film wouldn't perform well. "Nothing to see here, folks! Oooh, look at the shiny Batmobile"!

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens March 25th.