Stick Around For Two 'Deadpool' Post-Credits Scenes

Deadpool doesn't hit theaters for a few more days but critic reviews became available over the weekend (here's mine) and for the most part they've been positive. But there's one thing the critics couldn't comment on because it was being saved strictly for paying audiences, and that's a second post-credits scene.

Cinemablend caught up with co-writer Rhett Reese who confirmed the second scene, giving you more incentive to see the film this weekend. It's also a good reason for those of us who have already seen it to plunk down a few dollars to check it out again. Here's what Reese had to say about it...

 "They held back one particular, basically a second coda. They wanted to hold it back until February 11th, until the actual official movie is in the movies — so you can tease audiences that there’s two codas and you haven’t seen one of them," 

Makes sense. The first scene is pretty funny but is pretty tame by Deadpool standards, so expect the second one to be wildly over the top and probably not safe for child consumption. Deadpool hits theaters on February 12th.