Review: 'Legends of Tomorrow', Season 1,Episode 5, "Fail Safe"

Five episodes in and The Legends of Tomorrow have yielded another great episode.  This week ,the team is trying to figure out a way to free Dr. Stein, Ray, and Heat Wave from the Russian Prison. When Leonard Snart said, “This ain’t my first prison break” he set the tone for this week’s episode.  In fact there were moments when I was completely enamored with the heist/ jail break aspect of this story. Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller (Heat Wave and Captain Cold) were the MVP’s of this episode.  Their performance was a nod to their time on Prison Break. They work so well together on screen. I felt like all of their dialogue was on point and it gave deeper insight into who these characters are. This proves to be true for Heat Wave this week. In previous episodes of Legends of Tomorrow, he came off as Captain Cold’s lackey. He’s had great one liner’s this season, but nothing has really been revealed to make you genuinely care about the character.  This week’s episode brought an end to that pattern and I believe that we are seeing who Heat Wave is.

The prison scenes with Heat Wave and Ray were another highlight of this episode.  As soon as the scene begins with Palmer and Heat Wave being escorted to their cell, you realize the dichotomy between the two characters. Ray was without a doubt naïve to his surroundings. I’m watching this guy trying to be nice to other prisoners and I can’t help but think that this guy is not going to survive an hour here.  Heat Wave was fully aware of the situation, and he immediately adapted to his surroundings.  The torture scene with Ray and Heat Wave reminded me of the first Lethal Weapon film with Mel Gibson being tortured in the same manner. Ray taking a beating for Heat Wave was a great way to show Ray’s loyalty and bravery.

The scenes with Dr. Stein and Valentina Vostok were just okay for me. There were times the conversation felt drawn out. I was kind of confused as to how Valentina was able to absorb Firestorm’s power and merge with Stein. When they were trying to find a match for Stein on the Flash, I remember the search being more extensive then what transpired on Legends. It was awesome seeing Cisco Ramon make cameo last night. The scenes with Sara and Rip have been intriguing to me. Why does Rip keep finding reasons to meet with Sara privately. I wonder if the writers are alluding to a future romance? I wouldn't be surprised if Rip and Sara become the poster couple of the show. The chase scene between the bounty hunter and the Legends was a nice way to surprise the audience and setup for next week’s episode. I can’t wait to see the challenges that are waiting for the team in 2046 Starling City.