Review: 'Legends of Tomorrow', Season 1, Episode 6, "Star City"

It’s to time to catch up with Rip and the Legends! This week on Legends of Tomorrow, the team is stranded in an apocalyptic Star City after surviving an attack by Chronos.  I was excited that Stephen Amell was being featured on the show but I was also worried. Amell really owns his scenes on Arrow and has a lot of charisma whenever you see him on screen.  I was expecting Amell to over shadow the other actors from Legends of Tomorrow.  Thankfully that was not the case at all. I love how the writers didn’t   feel the need to place Oliver in every scene. I enjoyed seeing old, one-arm Oliver Queen. He was defeated, hopeless, and apathetic. I wish we could’ve seen a couple of scenes of what lead to this future. I also wish we could’ve seen more of what was going in the streets of Star City. Grant Wilson (Slade Wilson’s son) was more whiny than menacing. Connor Hawke (Future Green Arrow) was cool. I like his back story and how driven he was to keep the legacy of the Arrow alive. This future is torture for him because couldn’t live up to his father’s (Diggle) example. In fact the tone of the future is what works in this episode . Anarchy , chaos, and destruction are the new norm in 2046 for Star City. It’s also the perfect set for Heat Wave and Captain Cold to make their mark in this episode.

From the beginning of the episode to the end fire is present.  I’m not sure if this was intentional but it was as if the writers were hinting to the audience about what was going to happen with Heat Wave and Captain Cold in this episode.  This is the future Heat Wave has dreamed of. Within a few minutes he takes over a gang, gets a fur coat,  and is free to be the criminal he is without any consequence. Snark is not feeling this future and is ready to go. The tension between the two was developed well! The way Snark punched Heat Wave also made it clear who was the alpha in the partnership.

Speaking of tension, how awesome was it to see Sara call Rip out on his hypocrisy. She wants to save her city and help her friend but Rip feels it is not necessary because the events of this future are not finite.  I’m like this version of Sara because she independent and loyal enough to do the right thing even if it means she has to risk her own life.

In between all the craziness happening on the streets of Star City,  Ray and Jax are attempting to confess their love for Kendra only to be shot down by her. My favorite moment in those scenes was seeing Dr. Stein fail at being Jax’s wing man. The relationship between Jax and Dr. Stein has come a long way since episode one. I love watching both of them interact. I enjoyed this episode and I am very excited to see what happens next week.