Review: 'Legends of Tomorrow', Season 1, Episode 4, "White Knight"


This week’s episode of Legends of Tomorrow finds the team in disarray. The conflicts developed among Rip and his team are making episodes very interesting.

Jax and Dr.Stein went through couples counseling on this week’s episode. Stein came off like a supervisor who is micromanaging an employee. Jax on the other didn’t help matters by not listening to Stein. On the surface, you would assume that they would resolve that one would lead and the other follow.  As simple as this seems to be, it begs the question who really wants to be number two?  I could not imagine what it would be like to share my body and mind with another person. If I had Firestorm’s power, the last thing I would want to do is subject my power to someone who is older and with a seasoned perspective. The dialogue between Jax and Stein was put into perspective how the two characters collaborate as Firestorm.

Rip Hunter is a sneaky somebody! One minute I love Rip and then I’m confused by the intent of his actions. Their mission this week was to break into Russian lab and stop Savage from recreating Firestorm soldiers.  To make matters worse, Druce (member of the Time Masters Council) has followed rip and his team to Russia to kill him and the team. Here is where the love hate relationship begins with Rip.  He makes the decision to remain loyal to the team and decline the Druce’s offer but by episodes end he has sacrificed half his team in order to complete the mission.  I continue to enjoy the direction where the writers are taking Rip. I wonder how many times are the team will put with Rip making choices like this. Snart and Sarah were clear that there should be loyalty between him and the team on all fronts. Rip continues to make choices that push him closer to saving his family and getting rid of Savage. Anyone or anything else is an afterthought.
Kendra finally had her moment to shine last night! The heist scene at the Pentagon was cool but the moment when Kendra went into Crazy Bird mode was just awesome. I’ve been begging for her not be so weak on the show and it paid off last night! Her scenes with Sara were awesome and I hope they continue to use Sara to help Kendra become the warrior she was meant to be.

Leonard was so smooth with the way he seduced Valentina.  Ray’s face was funny when he saw the Snart has game.  Heat Wave had a nice moment in the episode when he told Rip not to trust Druce.
I feel like next week’s episode is going to be an important episode. I can’t wait to see the measures Rip is willing to go to save Stein and bring the team together. I also feel like Savage is going to take his villainy to another level.