Review: 'Legends of Tomorrow', Season 1, Episode 3, "Blood Ties"

The Legends of Tomorrow is gaining momentum. This week’s episode had so many good things going for it! One of the questions I had when the series began is why didn’t Rip go back in time to kill Vandal Savage before he became immortal. It just seems like the quick fix for this entire series.  In fact, this question became a source of frustration for me because if you are part of the Time Master then surely you should have insight into how to kill Vandal and move on. After last night’s episode it’s really starting to make sense why this journey isn’t as easy as it appears to be.
Rip is frustrated and lost as he struggles to lead the team. Who could blame the guy?  He tried going back in time to kill Vandal, but hesitated .It was in that moment he realized he’s not a killer. (Did it bother anyone else that Rip attempted to kill Savage with a knife and not with the fancy pistol from the future?) It was also in that moment he realized that if he was going to accomplish this that he was going to need a team. I wish they would’ve included this scene in episode one because it would have made the pilot fill complete. I love Rip’s character. You don’t see heroes/leaders portrayed on shows like this. The DC Universe has a plethora of heroes who are allowed time to grow into their heroism. Rip does not have the luxury of time thanks largely in part to the decisions he made to embark on this epic quest abruptly. To make matters worse the team knows that Rip is not in control. They know that because he’s desperate he runs the risk of being reckless.
Sarah aka White Canary   was flawless last night! Her fight scenes were on point last night. I love Rip’s question as she was fighting, “How many knives do you have?” Sara faced her blood lust problem and found the strength to restrain her from killing. Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold like Rip was trying to fix his past by stealing the “kryptonite” inspired jewel so his father didn’t have to. It was also revealed that Snart did this so that his father could avoid jail. I appreciate what they are trying to do with Leonard Snart’s character. It appears that Snart doesn’t want to lead the life of crime he’s accustomed to. He’s trying to fix his past like Rip and like Rip he is not succeeding. There’s no doubt that destiny seems set on Snart fulfilling his destiny as the villain Captain Cold. Ray and Dr. Stein had a nice heart to heart while removing fragments of the dagger from Hawkgirl’s arteries.  I look forward to Ray moving beyond his guilt, insecurities, and remorse so that he can become the hero he is destined to be.
The highlight of the episode was the showdown with Vandal Savage and his cult. Vandal was seen drinking the blood of Carter Hall aka Hawkman and offering it to his followers which prolonged their life by 100 years. Vandal steals the show every time he is on screen.  The show used his cultic followers to affirm how much of threat he is. I also like how Vandal threatened Rip at the end of their battle by letting him know that he is going to kill his wife and son.

I love the direction the show is heading in. I hope we get to see a glimmer of the Dark Knight or Man of Steel since Rip made a reference to them last night.  Hawkgirl at the end of last night’s episode appeared helpless standing at the grave of Carter. I think it would be awesome if she learned how to fight from Sarah. Finally, I wish we had a cameo from somebody in the shared TV universe. Stephen Amell teased via his Facebook page that he would be in episode 1.6 of the season with one arm and a full Goatee. Can’t wait to see more Legends!!!!