Relax And Enjoy The New Trailer For 'Zoolander 2'

What happens when the prettiest people on the planet (apparently that includes Justin Bieber??) start getting killed? Why, you turn to Derek Zoolander to figure out whose got such a grudge. Zoolander No. 2 brings Blue Steel back for more fashion world hijinks, and the latest trailer has just hit the runway.

Owen Wilson and Will Ferrell return, along with new additions Penelope Cruz,  Kristen Wiig, and Benedict Cumberbatch, but are they enough to make this a better sequel than Anchorman 2 turned out to be? Fifteen years have passed since Zoolander, and there wasn't exactly a vocal outcry for a sequel, making this kind of a risky gamble. Let's not forget how resistant to the idea Paramount was for a long time, so if this film doesn't do well there certainly won't be a third.

Zoolander 2 opens February 12th.