Post-Apocalyptic Zorro Film Moves Forward With Jonas Cuaron Directing

Hollywood REALLY wants to make a new Zorro movie. They've been trying for years to follow-up on the successful Antonio Banderas-led films centered on the masked vigilante, but have come up with some pretty awful ideas. A few years ago Gael Garcia Bernal was to lead Zorro Reborn, which would have set him in a post-apocalyptic setting. While it never quite materialized with Bernal, the project switched homes last year to Lantica Media and Sobini Films, and they've just secured a director to make the film a reality.

Gravity co-writer Jonas Cuaron, will write and direct Z, which is set in the near future and retains the post-apocalyptic setting. Those are all the details available at this point, but you can bet on it still centering on a masked, sword-fighting stranger who protects the innocent.

Cuaron has done some impressive work already, not only on Gravity but it's short companion piece, Aningaaq. He also recently directed Bernal in Desierto, which makes it possible the actor could still don the mask.