Park Chan-Wook Directing Sci-Fi Film 'Genocidal Organ'; Meg Ryan Opens 'The Book' With Delia Ephron

As the director of Oldboy, the entire "Vengeance Trilogy", Thirst, and Stoker, Park Chan-Wook is arguably the most successful Korean filmmaker around. While we haven't heard much from him since producing Snowpiercer, the director has lined up his next project, an adaptation of Project Itoh's 2007 sci-fi novel, Genocidal Organ.  Set in a world where Sarajevo has been destroyed by a homemade nuclear device and genocide is everywhere, an intelligence agent treks the wasteland to find the American man who seems to be responsible.  Chan-Wook's a little busy right now with upcoming projects, Fingersmith and The Brigands of Rattleborge, so this one might take a while to get moving. [TheTrackingBoard]

Meg Ryan's directorial debut, Ithaca, had its world premiere at Middleburg last year and the reviews weren't too kind, which is why it's still seeking distribution despite having Tom Hanks in a supporting role. But that's not stopping the actress from pushing on to her next directorial effort, a reunion with You've Got Mail co-writer, Delia Ephron.  Ryan will direct The Book, based on an original story by Ephron described as a romantic comedy set in the publishing world. Familiar territory, to be sure. No word on when this will roll, but Ryan got Ithaca done quickly and on the cheap, so don't be surprised if this one rolls pretty fast. [Deadline]