New Trailer For Jeff Nichols' 'Midnight Special' With Joel Edgerton, Kirsten Dunst, And Michael Shannon

Although all of his films have been greatly received by critics and audiences alike, the Shotgun Stories, Take Shelter, and Mud director has never been what one would call a blockbuster director. Could that be about to change with his latest film, Midnight Special? It certainly has the cast with Michael Shannon (He's been in all of Nichols' films so far), Kirsten Dunst, Joel Edgerton, Adam Driver, Sam Shepard, and Jaeden Lieberherer. And there may be enough of a sci-fi, Spielberg-esque quality that it could be Nichols' biggest feature yet.

A new trailer has been released for the film which centers on young boy gifted with incredible powers, and the father who must protect him from outside forces. Here's the synopsis:

Roy (Michael Shannon) is a father desperate to protect his uniquely gifted, eight-year-old son in this genre-defying thriller which proves once again that director Jeff Nichols is one of the most compelling storytellers of our time. As father and son go on the run, an intense chase ensues as they are hunted down by a mysterious cult and a clandestine government agency – the outcome of which could bring about a world-changing event.

Midnight Special hits theaters on March 18th, and personally I can not wait.