New 'Batman V Superman' Trailer Arrives As Rumors on Scoot McNairy's Character Spread

For months there has been a lot of speculation surrounding Scoot McNairy's character in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Early on, a set photo showed him wearing green leggings as placemarkers for future digital enhancement. That led some to believe he would be The Flash, but obviously that's not the case since Ezra Miller has that role. Then a report emerged that McNairy might be Jimmy Olsen, and the leggings were because he lost his legs in the final fight seen in Man of Steel. Well, now there's a new rumor which updates on that and adds a few potential details. Beware of SPOILERS!

According to Latino Review, McNairy is not playing Olsen, but he is a guy who lost his legs in the battle between Superman and Zod.  Lex Luthor takes advantage of his hatred of Superman and radicalizes him against the Kryptonian, sending him to testify in front of Congress, as seen in the above image. He takes it a step further, though, and turns the man into a "human bomb" to get close to Superman. It's possible the bomb reference is metaphorical, meaning he's meant to blow up Supes' personal life. Or perhaps it's more literal and we're talking about an actual bomb of some kind.

We shall see, but for now there's another trailer for the anticipated superhero film, this one an international version. Not much in the way of new footage, but it's cut a bit differently than others.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens March 25th.