Marvel Casts 'Game Of Thrones' Actor Finn Jones As Iron Fist

A few months ago there were reports Marvel was having trouble figuring out how to approach their upcoming Iron Fist Netflix series. Some of the problem was how to approach the mystical kung-fu aspects, while another issue was casting, and whether they should go with Asian-American actors for the role of Danny Rand. Well it looks like a decision has been made as Game of Thrones actor Finn Jones has been named as the martial arts hero.

The report first surfaced on The Hashtag Show and was confirmed by EW. Jones is best known for playing Loras Tyrell aka the "Knight of Flowers" on HBO's Game of Thrones. He'll be starring as Danny Rand aka Iron Fist, a master martial artist trained in the mystical city of K'un Lun. But he's also a businessman and owner of the Rand Corporation. The series will have him returning to New York City after being away for years, in order to use his fighting skills and fiery "Iron Fist" power to clean up crime.

In the comics Iron Fist is best buds with Luke Cage, who has already been introduced as part of Marvel's Jessica Jones series and will get his own show later this year. That will be followed by Iron Fist, probably some time in 2017, and then all of the Netflix heroes, including Daredevil get together for The Defenders.