Leonardo DiCaprio Rejoins 'The Revenant' Writer For 'Conquest'

In a few weeks we'll probably be able to start calling Leonardo DiCaprio an Oscar winner for The Revenant. Surely, after all this time, now is when it will finally happen for a performance that many will concede is among his best ever. That kind of acclaim is obviously something the actor wants to keep going, and so he's already set up a reunion with a key piece of The Revenant's team.

DiCaprio is set to star in Conquest, which has a script from The Revenant co-writer, Mark L. Smith. There aren't any firm details on the plot at this point, but Paramount has picked up the project and also optioned YA climate change book The Sandcastle Empire for DiCaprio to be a producer on. In other words, they're doing whatever it takes to make the star happy, and that includes indulging his interest in environmental concerns.

No word on when Conquest will roll, but hopefully more details will be made available soon. [Variety]