Laughs Are Expendable In New 'Kindergarten Cop 2' Trailer

So it may have sounded like an April Fool's prank or a headline from The Onion, but Kindergarten Cop 2 was proven to be an actual thing when photos were revealed last summer. Sadly, it's not Arnold Schwarzenegger putting up with frustrating little tykes this time but another Expendable, Dolph Lundgren, and he shows the proper amount of exasperation in the first trailer, which has just hit today.

More terrifying than any universal soldier are these little monsters, a bunch of schoolkids at a *gasp* liberal school Lundgren's conservative cop must infiltrate.  Hard to imagine anything being more lightweight than the 1990 original but somehow this one seems to have pulled it off. Not that it should come as a surprise given the director, Don Michael Paul, whose resume "boasts" such sequel gems as Jarhead 2Tremors 5, and Lake Placid 4.

Kindergarten Cop 2 goes straight to DVD (whaaaaa!!!?) on May 17th.