Lars Von Trier Plans 'The House That Jack Built' As Next Film

Man, how much of an ego do you need to have to put out a video just to say you're about to shoot another movie? A simple press release wouldn't have sufficed? Not when you're Lars von Trier, who we haven't seen anything from since his two-part sexual epic Nymphomaniac a couple of years ago. He's actually been away cleaning up some personal demons, but now he's ready to work and his first project is something we've already heard about.

Back in 2014 von Trier planned to direct an English-language miniseries titled The House that Jack Built, which was to center on a serial killer, but be told from the killer's perspective. Well it appears the director has changed his mind and will turn it into a feature film that he'll shoot this fall. He had hoped to gather a large cast for it, and don't be surprised if some regulars  (Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stellan Skarsgard) are involved in some way.

If past experience is any indication, we can expect von Trier to push a few more boundaries with this one.  Props for the surrender bandana and David Bowie drop.