Killer First Trailer For 'The Purge: Election Year' Starring Frank Grillo

Following on the heels of last night's New Hampshire Presidential primaries, now is the perfect time for the first trailer for The Purge 3, newly subtitled 'Election Year'. Wait, what does a franchise about a national day of penalty-free murder have to do with our elections? The first two movies, both small-budget hits for director James DeMonaco and Universal, are surprisingly political, dealing with this country's wealth gap and general mistreatment of the poor.

What's a good way to deal with millions of poor people who are a drain on the public coffers? Kill 'em off, of course, and that's what an underground movement is attempting to stop once and for all. Frank Grillo returns as Sergeant, who joins with a U.S. senator (Lost's Elizabeth Mitchell) and a rebel band to bring the annual Purge to an end. But of course they'll have to survive the murderous event themselves.

So these are more than just simple home invasion flicks, and they couldn't be coming out at a better time. The Purge: Election Year opens July 1st.