Keanu Reeves Goes Back To Court In 'The Whole Truth' Trailer

On paper there's so much potential in courtroom drama The Whole Truth that it's weird no studio has picked it up for U.S. distribution yet. Once set to star Daniel Craig, Keanu Reeves replaced him as the head of a cast that includes Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Renee Zellwegger, Jim Belushi, and Gabriel Basso. With Frozen River director Courtney Hunt at the helm, there's every reason to think this could be a sleeper. So what's the deal?

Strangely enough, the film opens in Japan next month and a trailer has been released for it. Reeves and Mbatha-Raw play lawyers defending a man accused of murdering his father, but it's clear things aren't as they seem to be. So the lawyers will have to get down to THE WHOLE TRUTH of what really happened that day. 

So this looks maybe a little overdramatic like most courtroom thrillers tend to be, but still there's reason to think this could be pretty good. And it's also nice to see Reeves back in lawyer mode and not having to deal with a satanic Al Pacino.