'Justice League' Has 'Mad Max: Fury Road' Director George Miller As A Producer

There was a time when Mad Max: Fury Road director George Miller had a Justice League film in the works. He had a full cast and everything, with Armie Hammer, Common, Adam Brody, and more all set to play DC's greatest superheroes. The  project fell through for various reasons mostly caused by the writers' strike, but with Zack Snyder's Justice League gearing up it appears Miller is getting back into the hero game by joining the film as a producer

The news was broken by a recent casting call sheet that breaks down the credits. What's interesting about this news is that Miller has been rumored to direct Warner Bros.' Man of Steel sequel, and he's been a little flaky about his involvement. He's been straight about wanting to take a break after the grueling 'Fury Road' shoot, and maybe producing Justice League is a way to get involved now until he's ready for a bigger workload later. If he were just an exec-producer it could be brushed off as a ceremonial credit, like Stan Lee gets for all of the Marvel movies, but this isn't that.

So there's reason to get excited that Miller could be at the helm of a future DC Comics movie.

Meanwhile, voice actor Robin Atkin Downes has revealed via Twitter that he did the motion-capture and voicework for Doomsday in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Downes has provided voices for multiple animated DC Comics films, as well as live-action features such as Prometheus and Battleship.

Zack Snyder begins filming Justice League Part One in April for release on November 17th 2017. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice arrives first on March 25th 2016.