Julianne Moore Joins 'Kingsman 2' As Villain, But Colin Firth Won't Be Back

When 20th Century Fox has a hit on their hands they don't waste much time green lighting sequels. Even before Deadpool broke records last weekend a follow-up was in the works, and the same can be said of last year's surprise smash, Kingsman: The Secret Service. The only question regarding the latter film was whether or not they'd find a way to bring back Colin Firth. While director Matthew Vaughn has expressed a desire for him to return, the latest update throws cold water on that idea. But there's quite the upside as an Oscar winner has come on to play the film's villain.

According to THR, Julianne Moore is in talks for the villain role, and if she comes aboard she'll be joining the returning Taron Egerton.  However there are no plans for Firth to come back at this point, and it was always gong to be difficult considering his character's fate in the first film. Vaughn, who will be back behind the camera, had said there were a few ideas for how to do it, and those ideas apparently consisted of flashbacks and an *ugh* twin brother plot device. There aren't any plot details but the action is said to be moving to the United States.

Kingsman 2 is due to open on June 16th 2017.