Julia Stiles And Anthony Hopkins Fight Back In The 'Go With Me' Trailer

Swedish directors Daniel and Tomas Alredson may be brothers, but their success as English language filmmakers couldn't be more different. Tomas directed Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy a few years ago and has The Snowman coming up with Michael Fassbender and Rebecca Ferguson. Unfortunately for Daniel, his American debut Kidnapping Freddy Heineken was the most anything about beer has been ignored in the history of alcoholic beverages. And it doesn't get any better for Daniel with his most recent film, Go with Me, which debuted in Venice last year and was mostly panned.

Starring "Freddy Heineken" himself, Anthony Hopkins, plus Julia Stiles, Hal Holbrook, Alexander Ludwig, and Ray Liotta, Go with Me is based on the book by Castle Freeman Jr.  Stiles plays a woman who returns to her hometown and is terrorized by Blackway, a former cop-turned-crimelord. While the cops and local residents urge her to leave, she decides to take a stand against Blackway with the help of an ex-logger and his sidekick.

I'll watch Stiles in anything but this looks dull dull dull.

Go with Me opens April 22nd.