Josh Boone To Adapt Stephen King's 'Revival' Ahead Of 'The Stand'

How much does The Fault In Our Stars director Josh Boone have on his plate? Way too much, apparently. Already planning adaptations of Stephen King's The Stand, Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, and X-men film New Mutants, he's now setting one project aside in order to focus on a new one. According to Deadline, Boone has penned an adaptation of King's 2014 book, Revival, with hopes of making that his next film.

Boone, who has the support of King and producer Michael De Luca, has already completed the script and sent it to Universal. If it gets approved, it will move ahead of The Stand on his pecking order, which makes sense considering that one will be a massive undertaking while Revival is relatively small.

Revival centers on a preacher who loses his faith when his wife and child are killed in an accident. Without religion to ground his conscience, he becomes a radical faith healer and opens up a portal to a darker world than he could have imagined.