Johnny Depp To Star As 'The Invisible Man'

Universal is really shooting for the moon in building their movie monsters universe. While the Luke Evans-led Dracula Untold didn't get things going with the greatest amount of momentum, securing Tom Cruise to lead The Mummy was a major step. And now the studio has taken one more by adding Johnny Depp to the cast of another classic reboot.

Depp is set to star as The Invisible Man, which is based on H.G. Wells' 1897 book that was adapted into a 1933 movie. The story centers on a scientist who discovers a way to turn himself invisible, but it costs him his sanity in the process. There aren't any details on a writer (David Goyer penned a screenplay nearly a decade ago) or director, but producers Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan are figuring that stuff out now.

This is a pretty big deal for a couple of reasons. Depp's a greater draw when part of a franchise, and Universal clearly sees that kind of potential in The Invisible Man. Also, there's a chance we could see Depp and Cruise in the same movie if they decide to merge all of these monster movies in an Avengers-style crossover. [Deadline]