'Jason Bourne' Super Bowl Spot Features Matt Damon As The Perfect Weapon

For more than a decade it seemed as if Matt Damon would never return as Jason Bourne. He insisted it would never happen without director Paul Greengrass, and the franchise soldiered on without them both. And while Jeremy Renner filled in admirably on The Bourne Legacy, it wasn't enough to stop whispers that Damon should return. And now he's back in the newly-titled Jason Bourne, and the best look at the film has arrived.

A Super Bowl spot for the film has been released and it's like nothing has changed. Bourne is still on the run, and the government, including many of the same faces as before, are still after him. But this is an all new post-Snowden world, and not even Bourne could stay hidden from surveillance for long.

Also starring Julia Stiles, Alicia Vikander, Tommy Lee Jones, Riz Ahmed, and Vincent Cassel, Jason Bourne hits the ground running on July 29th.