Heist Classic 'The Thomas Crown Affair' Gets Remake With Michael B. Jordan

Whether it's the 1968 original with Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway, or the 1999 remake with Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo (one of my personal favorites), chances are you like some version of The Thomas Crown Affair. It's an undeniably cool, erotic heist romance perfect for a red-hot couple to sizzle the screen, and Hollywood is keen on updating it for a new audience with Michael B. Jordan in the title role.

THR reports that MGM, who just worked with Jordan and Creed and want to keep him around, are developing a remake of the film, which centers on the romance that blooms between a wealthy businessman/thief and the insurer investigating him for the crimes. The 1968 film earned two Oscar nominations, winning one for Best Original Song. John McTiernan's remake was a box office hit, even though it veered from the original story in a few key ways, most notably in how it ended.

This newest version is still very early on and has yet to find a director or writer, but the search is on to find someone to pair up with Jordan. Could somebody get Tessa Thompson on the line, please?