Goldie Hawn Could Return To Big Screen In Amy Schumer's Mother/Daughter Comedy

Other than appearances at awards shows or alongside her family Kurt Russell and Kate Hudson, Goldie Hawn hasn't been seen much for a very long time. She hasn't starred in a feature film since 2002's The Banger Sisters, and while she's entertained the idea of a comeback once or twice, nothing has ever materialized. But it looks like the comedy legend is ready to return, and it could be alongside an actress who is following in her footsteps.

First reported by Vulture then confirmed by The Wrap, Hawn is in talks to play Amy Schumer's mom in her upcoming mother/daughter comedy directed by The Night Before's Jonathan Levine. The film was announced last year with Katie Dippold (The Heat)  writing the story of a mom and her daughter who get kidnapped while vacationing in Brazil.

Hawn had briefly been attached to the Jane Fonda role in This is Where I Leave You, only to drop out. She's been involved with other projects only to back out of them, as well, so who knows how this will end up.