Fox Has Already Greenlit A 'Deadpool' Sequel

20th Century Fox doesn't release Deadpool into theaters for a few more days, and yet they're ready for more of the mouthy merc. With anticipated at an all-time high and a strong box office expected, Fox has gone ahead and officially green lit the sequel.

Ryan Reynolds, who pushed hard for the R-rated film to be made in the first place, will obviously be coming back. And so will writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, whose screenplay got the whole thing moving years ago. Unclear is if director Tim Miller will step back behind the camera or if Fox will turn it over to someone new.  He hasn't signed on but the studio wants to keep the band together.

This is a bold move considering the epic fail Fox experienced with Fantastic Four. They had a sequel for that all lined up and ready to go until the film flopped so badly that any follow-ups were shelved. Coincidentally, earlier rumors had a Deadpool sequel slotted to take the June 2017 spot vacated by Fantastic Four 2, but who knows if that will stick. Reynolds has been vocal about his desire to see a sequel include Cable and the mutant team, X-Force, calling it his "priority" to make that happen.