'Five Fingers Of Death' Remake In The Works From Brett Ratner

While martial arts films are still pretty much a niche genre here in America, they had practically no presence until the 1972 Shaw Brothers classic, Five Fingers of Death. The success of that opened the door to others, including Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon just a year later. And now Five Fingers of Death is slated to get an American remake, courtesy of Rush Hour director, Brett Ratner.

Ratner will produce and direct a remake of the kung fu classic, which also went by the title of King Boxer. The original film was directed by Chang Ho Cheng and centers on a kung fu student sent away by his master to train with an even greater master. While there he becomes the master's top pupil, only to see his new master betrayed and his old master killed by a fellow student. To honor his masters and defeat his foes he must train and use the secret "Iron Fist" technique that was passed down to him.

The film is a stone cold martial arts classic which has been an influence to multiple filmmakers, including Quentin Tarantino in Kill Bill. Having Ratner direct an updated version isn't going to make anybody happy given his track record, and there's no word on how closely he plans to stick to the familiar story.  [The Tracking Board]