First Trailer For 'Florence Foster Jenkins' Starring Meryl Streep As The Terrible Opera Singer

Tired of the plethora of music biopics about the greatest musicians the world has ever seen? Well then how about one on someone who didn't have any talent at all? Meryl Streep plays the titular opera singer Florence Foster Jenkins in Stephen Frears' upcoming drama centered on the woman who became famous for how untalented she actually was.

Streep stars alongside Hugh Grant, Rebecca Ferguson, Nina Arianda, and Simon Helberg in the true story of Jenkins, a socialite who pursued a career as an opera singer despite not having the voice, rhythm, or pitch to be one. Everyone seemed to know it but her, and yet she was protected from the ridicule by her manager, who also happened to be her husband. It all came to a head when she agreed to perform at Carnegie Hall in 1944, and what happened after is pretty incredible.

Jenkins' story is actually pretty sad, but from this trailer it looks like it will be played up for laughs.  Florence Foster Jenkins hits the U.K. in May but has yet to get a U.S. date.