First Trailer for 'Criminal' Has Kevin Costner And Ryan Reynolds Swapping Memories

What is it with Ryan Reynolds and body-switching movies? The Deadpool star had the memories of Ben Kingsley transferred into his body in last year's forgettable thriller, Self/Less. A few years ago he and Jason Bateman literally pissed their way into a mind swap in The Change-Up, another stinker. And now Reynolds is back to the same old tricks in Criminal, which sees him doing the big switch with Kevin Costner.

Ariel Vromen, who last directed bland crime movie The Iceman, is at the helm of this one, and again he's managed to assemble a stellar cast which includes Gal Gadot, Tommy Lee Jones, Gary Oldman, Michael Pitt, Antje Traue, and Alice Eve. Costner plays a Death Row inmate  uploaded with the skills and memories of a dead CIA spy (Reynolds) in order to complete his final mission.

It's all pretty ridiculous in a Face/Off kind of way, but there's a grittiness to Vromen's direction that is at least intriguing, and that cast is pretty remarkable.  Criminal hits theaters on April 15th.