First Teaser Image For Shane Black's 'Predator' Sequel Emerges Out Of Nowhere

Here's something unexpected that arrived this morning, or to paraphrase the teaser itself, "we never saw it coming".  Over on the official Facebook page for the Predator movies, a new teaser image has dropped for the upcoming "inventive sequel" being developed by Shane Black (Iron Man 3), and it's enough to whet the appetite of fans of John McTiernan's original 1987 film.

The image, which confirms the film's title as The Predator, features the killer alien, and basically confirms that the movie is indeed happening. It's also captioned with "Here we go again, bro.", which was a line by Bill Duke in the first movie. What, no Jesse Ventura quotes? 

Black, who had a small role in the original film, will direct and co-write the script with Fred Dekker. While some sites continue to call the project a reboot, Black himself has said otherwise, saying back in 2014, “Why start over, when you’ve all this rich mythology yet to mine?”  

Predator has survived some less than stellar sequels and spinoffs. In 1990 there was the Danny Glover-led Predator 2, which brought the alien to Los Angeles. Then there were the awful Alien vs. Predator spinoffs, and finally Predators, a continuation of the franchise which was directed by Nimrod Antal and starred Adrien Brody. That film did fairly well, earning $127M on a modest $40M budget, and for a while it looked like producer Robert Rodriguez would develop a sequel. That never came to be, and it will be Black who moves the Predator franchise forward. The original film still holds up incredibly well as a muscular piece of work (always McTiernan's strength), and Black is the right guy to be able to recapture that feel.