Ethan Hawke Sought For 'Training Day' Series; Will Star In Assassin Film '24 Hours To Live'

One of the more interesting twists to the deluge of TV shows based on movies is that some pretty big stars have been willing to reprise their original roles. Look at CBS' Limitless series, which snagged Bradley Cooper for a few episodes. And now they're hoping to do the same with their upcoming series based on Training Day by bringing back Ethan Hawke.

According to Deadline, CBS has approached Hawke to reprise his Jake Hoyt role in the Training Day series being put together by Antoine Fuqua and Jerry Bruckheimer. Gauging Hawke's interest is a little difficult, though, although he's apparently open to occasional appearances but not a regular gig. The latter option presented itself when two versions of the pilot were written, both taking place 15 years after the movie. One would have centered on Hoyt, who is now as corrupt as Denzel Washington's character was. The other, which is what got approved, focuses on a new rogue cop named Frank while Hoyt is the Deputy Chief.

So this might or might not happen, and the series will move ahead either way. It's not as if Hawke is hurting for things to do. He's also taken on a role in 24 Hours to Live, which might sound like the latest Jack Bauer series but is actually an assassin film directed by Brian Smrz. Hawke plays a career assassin who is temporarily (I'm assuming for 24hrs?) brought back to life by his employer after being killed on a job. No word on when this film shoots but it's being shopped around now. [THR]