Ethan Hawke Gets Jazzy In First Trailer For Biopic 'Born To Be Blue'

Not that music biopics ever really went away, but lately it seems there are more than ever. From the small, such as I Saw the Light with Tom Hiddleston, to the adventurous like Don Cheadle's Miles Ahead, to the bigger projects like Straight Outta Compton there are no shortage of dramas for fans of whatever kind of music you're into. And there's still another on the way that may have slipped under your radar, and it's Born to be Blue, which stars Ethan Hawke as jazz legend, Chet Baker.

The first trailer for the Robert Budreau-directed film has dropped, featuring Hawke as "the James Dean of jazz" himself. Co-starring Carmen Ejogo, the film takes place in the 1960s after a heroin addiction had taken a professional and personal toll on the jazz trumpeter. It's at this point he begins the hard climb back to the top of his profession with the help of a passionate new romance. 

Like Cheadle's Miles Ahead, the story is not quite fact, but not a total work of fiction, either. Is this becoming the latest trend in music biopics, or what?

Born to be Blue opens March 25th.