Danny McBride To Join Ridley Scott's 'Alien: Covenant'

Danny McBride didn't have the best 2015 if one looks solely at the big screen comedies he was a part of. He starred in, arguably, two of the worst comedies of the year in Aloha and Rock the Kasbah. That's not a knock on him, necessarily, and clearly Ridley Scott doesn't care because he wants the comedic actor for a role in Alien: Covenant, the next chapter in his Alien prequel trilogy.

McBride is in early talks to join the film, which would make him part of a cast led by the returning Michael Fassbender and new addition Katherine Waterston. Noomi Rapce, who was the centerpiece of Prometheus, won't be returning.  McBride and Scott apparently bonded over their mutual love of movies, which is how the actor won the role. Awww, that's sweet.

No details on McBride's character have been revealed. Is it too much to ask that an alien bursts through his chest, keeping him alive just long enough to make a funny quip before dying?

Alien: Covenant opens October 6th 2017. [TheWrap]