Check Out Chris Rock's Academy Awards Highlights

As expected, last night's Academy Awards saw host Chris Rock skewering Hollywood at every opportunity, beginning with a scathing monologue that some thought was hiariously on-point, while others thought it was mean-spirited. For me, it was pretty much hit or miss throughout the night, but no matter what Rock always kept it interesting. Think about it, how many times over the last few years have you eagerly anticipated the host's return because you had no earthly idea what he might say next? When he blasted Jada Pinkett for not coming to the Oscars, since she probably wasn't invited anyway, it had me dying. On the other hand, there were some moments that didn't go off so well, like whatever that thing was with the little Asian kids. They could have left that one backstage.

There were three major Rock highlights for me last night: the opening monologue, Rock's Compton street interviews, and the crazy awkward appearance by conservative buffoon, Stacy Dash. The interviews were right on target in depicting Hollywood's lack of outreach to minorities, unless it's for a movie like Straight Outta Compton. And the whole thing with Dash was just weird and ground the show to a halt for about 30 minutes. Nobody knew why she was there, why Rock threw it to her, and the whole place was silent.

But you can see all of that for yourself below, along with Rock's funny but overused bit where he and his girls sell Girl Scout Cookies. Mmmm...Samoas...