Charlotte Rampling Joins 'Sanditon', Based On Jane Austen's Final Novel

What's that? There's a Jane Austen adaptation on the way that we haven't seen a million times before, and isn't some horror mash-up like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies? Well then, that's reason enough to stand up and take notice because nobody needs another Pride and Prejudice or Sense and Sensibility. Before she died, Austen began work on her final book, Sanditon, but was unable to complete it. It's since been "finished" by other writers unofficially, and now one version is headed to the big screen with Oscar-nominee Charlotte Rampling on board for a role.

The 45 Years actress and screen legend will play Lady Denham in the Jim O'Hanlon-directed film penned by Simon Reade. The story sounds like pure Austen, centering on young Charlotte Haywood, who travels to the seaside village of Sanditon to find a husband. Here's the synopsis:

Charlotte the Heywood, captivating heroine of Sanditon, is smart, beautiful, and in search of a husband. As in all of Austen's novels, however, the road to matrimony is littered with obstacles: Charlotte must escape the clutches of an insufferable suitor, deal with the fortune-hunting schemes of the reigning local dowager, and outsmart a bevy of ambitious beauties who have set their sights on the charming Sidney Parker -- and convince the fickle young man that he really loves her. 

Filming begins this summer, and who knows? Perhaps by then they'll be able to boast about having an Oscar winner in the cast if Rampling comes away victorious.