Bruce Willis Double Crosses Mark-Paul Gosselaar In The 'Precious Cargo' Trailer

Hey, it's February and we haven't seen one of Bruce Willis' cheapie should-be-straight-to-DVD action flicks yet? Well, that's about to change with the new trailer for Precious Cargo, which co-stars Saved by the Bell's Mark-Paul Gosselaar....so there's that going for it, I guess?

Assuming you want to see Gosselaar without Mario Lopez calling him "preppy" every five minutes, the film has him as a premier thief recruited by his ex-lover (Claire Forlani of Mallrats "fame") to steal some valuable gems for a murderous crime boss played by Willis. Of course, things don't quite work out as they were supposed to and there are all kinds of betrayals and, you know the drill.

This one's directed by Max Adams and looks pretty generic, but Willis' name still holds some sway with people which is why it's getting a theatrical and VOD release on April 22nd.