Box Office: 'Deadpool' Holds At #1, Nears $500M Worldwide

1. Deadpool- $55M/$235.3M
Given the relatively weak batch of new releases it's no surprise Deadpool remains at the top, but what is kind of surprising is how strong it is after 10 days. The $55M second week is a drop of 58%, which isn't terrible given its record-breaking debut, and the $235M domestic total makes it the highest grossing X-Men movie stateside. Internationally it's also slicing up the box office with an additional $256M, meaning it should break $500M worldwide by tomorrow. That's incredible given that it's not a team movie, which tend to do better overall, and that it's Rated R. But the rating has actually proven to be one of the major reasons why audiences are flocking to it, and already we're seeing studios begin to adjust accordingly.
2. Kung Fu Panda 3- $12.5M/$117.1M
3. Risen (review here)- $11.8M
Surprisingly, the top new release this week was Risen, the Biblical film that is basically a crime procedural centered on the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  I think they just gave CBS an idea for their next CSI series. It stars Shakespeare in Love's Joseph Fiennes and Harry Potter's Tom Felton, and only cost about $20M to produce so this is a good start for what is an odd entry in the recent faith-based trend.
4. The Witch (review here)- $8.6M
Given the stellar reviews out of Sundance (where I saw it last year) for Robert Eggers' Satan-endorsed The Witch, buzz has been greater for it than any other recent horror. The film opened with $8.6M based largely on that anticipation, and yes it's worth the hype if you're looking for an immersive, psychologically twisted thriller and not another found footage flick.
5. How to be Single- $8.2M/$31.7M
6. Race (review here)- $7.2M
Coming off the starting blocks slow is the Jesse Owens biopic, Race, which opened with a disappointing $7.2M.  The somewhat low-key drama stars Stephan James, Jason Sudeikis in a dramatic role, plus Wiliam Hurt and Jeremy Irons; a lineup that doesn't exactly scream box office gold, but is solid enough to perhaps lead to long-term rewards. The targeted marketing was similar to the Jackie Robinson film, 42, a few years back, but that one debuted with $27M on the way to more than $90M overall. It'll be tough for Race to come anywhere near those numbers.
7. Zoolander 2- $5.5M/$23.7M
Don't expect to see Zoolander walking down anymore catwalks.
8. Star Wars: The Force Awakens- $3.86M/$921.6M
9. The Revenant- $3.8M/$165.1M
10. Hail, Caesar!- $2.6M/$26.1M