Anna Kendrick And Sam Rockwell Are A Killer Couple In The 'Mr. Right' Trailer

It's been talked about before on this site (most recently about the comedy Get A Job) about Anna Kendrick and the plethora of really crappy comedies she tends to make. She perhaps makes more than her share for someone so popular. For every Pitch Perfect there are two or three stinkers, and it's a very good possibility Mr. Right will be another one based on the first trailer which has just been released.

Kendrick stars alongside Sam Rockwell in this rom-com about a woman who falls in love with a hitman (ugh), and ends up with him on a mission where things go comically wrong.  Reasons for concern, beyond the bland, unfunny trailer, are the director, Paco Cabezas, who directed the atrocious Nicolas Cage action flick, Rage. And then there's screenwriter Max Landis, who followed up the amazing Chronicle with twin 2015 stinkers, American Ultra and Victor Frankenstein.

The film played at TIFF last year and there's probably a reason why you haven't heard much about it. Come to think of it, Sam Rockwell traffics in a lot of these movies, too. Mr. Right opens on April 8th and co-stars RZA, Tim Roth, and James Ransone.