Watch Dwayne Johnson Reveal Kelly Rohrbach's 'Baywatch' Role

How's this for a swapping of roles? The gorgeous Kelly Rohrbach only just split from her boyfriend, Leonardo DiCaprio, but it didn't take long for another guy to show up and rescue her. Rohrbach has now been cast in Pamela Anderson's old role of C.J. Parker in the upcoming Baywatch film, revealed by none other than Dwayne Johnson himself.

Johnson hit Instagram and broke the news of Rohrbach's casting in a series of funny videos which, naturally, are in slow motion so we can see just how snugly that iconic red swimsuit fits her. Commence drooling. There's a reason she was Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Rookie of the Year, folks.

Rohrbach joins Zac Efron and Alexandra Daddario in the Seth Gordon-directed comedy based on the inexplicably long-running TV series.

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