The 'Rush Hour' TV Series Looks As Bad As You Thought It Would

For the record, Rush Hour is one of my least favorite franchises ever. It never should've been a franchise at all, it should have died after the first movie. But there are a lot of people out there who love blabber-mouthed Chris Tucker and Americanized Jackie Chan in those movies, with all of their mismatched partner mishaps and fish-out-of-water hijinks. For the sake of those people this Rush Hour TV series should not be a thing, because it looks absolutely awful.

A trailer for the Brett Ratner-produced CBS series is here and somehow makes the movies look like high art.  Some dudes named  John Foo and Justin Hires are in the Chan and Tucker roles, and they are forced to try and make 18-year-old jokes seem fresh again. They don't. Hires seems to be doing his best/worst Tucker impression, while Foo lacks any of the personality that made Chan popular around the world. Poor Wendy Malick

It's possible this trailer just sucks but I'm a firm believer that a bad trailer is usually a sign of a bad project. We'll see...well, I won't see because I'm not watching this crap, but SOMEBODY will find out whether this is good or not when it premieres on March 31st.