Sylvester Stallone Says He's Done Playing Rambo, Has Doubts About TV Series

Obviously, Sylvester Stallone has no problem reliving former glories. He's now played Rocky Balboa seven times, including in the excellent Creed which is in theaters now. The Expendables is basically Stallone taking on the kinds of action movies he became famous for in the '80s. But despite all of that he doesn't have the same kind of passion for Rambo, and Stallone says he's done as the iconic war hero.

Stallone tells Variety that he knew he was done after 2008's Rambo, and was satisfied with what that film was able to accomplish...

“You know when you realize there’s nothing more to pull out? As an action film, I was very satisfied that it dealt with the Burmese situation. It had one foot in a current event, the longest civil war in history, 65 years at that time. It was so brutal, which civil war is, I was shocked they even gave me an R-rating. I didn’t want to compromise. I said, ‘This is probably going to be the last decent film of this genre that I’m going to do as a solo act.’ When that was accomplished, I never felt the same willingness to do it again.....There’s nothing left. When they asked me to do another ‘Rambo,’ I said, ‘If I can’t do better than I did last time, and I can’t, then why’?”

So this pretty much squashes any hope of a fifth Rambo movie, but what about the TV series Stallone was reported to be involved with just a month ago? Stallone doesn't seem to be that big of a fan of the series which focuses on Rambo's son...

“I don’t want to cast aspersions, but it’s delicate to try to replace a character with his son. I’ve seen the son of Flicka, the son of Tarzan, the son of King Kong, the son of Godzilla. It’s a very difficult premise.”

So he doesn't like movies about a character's son, eh? Somebody should clue him in to what Creed was all about.