'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Screenplay Reveals Major Clues, Plus New Images Of Snoke And Maz Kanata

Even though Star Wars: The Force Awakens has already made over $1.5B globally faster than any other film in history and is poised to break the all-time domestic record, there is still a lot we don't know about it. The trick before it was released was to know as little as possible so as not to have it spoiled, but now that it's over the question remains, "How much do you want to know"?  Because there are tons of details out there that give away some possible future plot points, and Slashfilm went through the official screenplay to spill some of those key details. Mostly they pertain to the film's final scene, which is pretty darn important, so beware of SPOILERS beyond this point because there could be some.

Let's start a bit earlier on in the film, during the flood of images Rey (Daisy Ridley) saw as she encountered Luke Skywalker's lightsaber at Maz Kanata's club. We already know the voices of Obi Wan Kenobi, Yoda, and others can be heard, but it's also when we see Luke reaching out with his robot hand to touch R2-D2. Turns out that scene is actually a flashback from when Kylo Ren burned down the Jedi temple, which we know is the moment Luke reached his lowest point and basically exiled himself.


R2-D2 -- who watches the flames -- and a MAN appears (LUKE, whose face we do not see). He falls to his knees, reaches out to the droid -- with a MECHANICAL RIGHT HAND.”

Next, with so many of us in shock (or in tears) over Han Solo's death, something important may have been missed regarding Kylo Ren immediately after. The screenplay says he was “somehow WEAKENED by this wicked act” but was broken out of his shock by Chewbacca's anguished roar. Perhaps this explains, a little, why he was able to be defeated later on. That and he took a pretty nasty bowcaster bolt from Chewie. Let's not forget that bowcaster had been sending Stormtroopers hurtling across the room all film long.

And finally there was that climactic moment when Rey finds Luke, in what I believe is the best closing scene of any Star Wars film. Turns out the planet Luke has been living on is called Ahch-To, which could be based on the Hebrew word for "brother". Or perhaps not, but Star Wars names tend to have deeper meanings. Is Luke somehow Rey's brother? He does seem recognize her when she arrives, and the screenplay says there is “kindness in his eyes, but there’s something tortured, too”. But what is key here is that he “doesn’t need to ask her who she is, or what she is doing here.”

Now, that doesn't necessarily mean they are related, or that they had even met before. Luke is the most powerful Jedi in the universe, and could have seen her arrival using the Force, but there is clearly some close relationship.

Perhaps, and this is just my personal speculation, Rey is Luke's former padewan. It would explain why they share a bond, why he recognizes her, and why she can kick so much ass. After Ren's betrayal he could have wiped her memory and placed her on Jakku so that she wouldn't be hunted down.

Also, Lucasfilm has released a handful of new images (via EW), including the first official shots of Maz Kanata (Lupita Nyong'o) and Supreme Leader Snoke (Andy Serkis). Both characters were largely hidden for months so as to maintain some semblance of secrecy.