'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Overtakes 'Avatar' For All-Time U.S. Record

It took James Cameron's Avatar seven months and a brief re-release to earn its whopping $760.5M domestic total, a record that had a pretty good run lasting just over six years. Well, now it's over. And it's over in a big way because it only took Star Wars: The Force Awakens twenty days to break that record, officially surpassing that number on Wednesday.

So how far can it go? Will it eventually break Avatar's global record of $2.78B? That remains to be seen, but given the short amount of time taken for its $1.55B worldwide total, ranking #4 all-time, anything is possible. There just isn't any sign of the film slowing down yet, and the upcoming new releases aren't going to be much of a challenge. Ride Along 2, a sequel to the hit comedy starring Ice Cube and Kevin Hart, could be the biggest threat to steal some viewers. Michael Bay's 13 Hours may be a draw to political types or those who hate Hillary Clinton (an admittedly large group), but is it enough to take down the mighty Star Wars? Probably not.

It's also worth noting that the film only just opened in China where some analysts predict it will cause only a minor ripple in the Force, perhaps just big enough to sink Titanic's hold on the #2 spot with $2.1B.