Sarah Wayne Callies Awakens The Dead In 'The Other Side Of The Door' Trailer

Since leaving The Walking Dead, Sarah Wayne Callies has been keeping plenty busy on the big and small screen, and all without a single zombie in sight. Next week sees the debut of her new TV series, Colony, which looks like it should appeal to fans of Lost. That also makes this a good time to hype Callies' upcoming film, The Other Side of the Door, which has her confronting the supernatural realm.

A new international trailer for the horror film has debuted, revealing more than what was seen in the earlier version which was a little too cautious. Directed by Johannes Roberts and co-starring Jeremy Sisto, the film centers on a grieving mother who completes a dangerous ritual in order to bring her son back. Instead she accidentally opens a portal to the world of the dead, which would be okay if she had Rick Grimes to watch over her but that's not the case anymore.

The Other Side of the Door opens March 11th.