Ronda Rousey And Tina Fey Teaming Up For Comedy 'Do Nothing Bitches'

Some, myself included, would say Ronda Rousey's spent so much in Hollywood lately that it opened her up to defeat at the hands (or better yet, feet) of Holly Holm, suffering her first loss and the UFC title. But Rousey's film career continues to expand, and at this point she's carving out a niche specifically for herself. She's now set to join with Tina Fey in Do Nothing Bitches, a comedy from Sisters writer Paula Pell based on one of Rousey's most popular phrases.

Rousey first started talking about coddled "do nothing bitches" in an interview about female self-worth last summer, and the phrase caught like wildfire. The film will take that ball and run with it, with Rousey playing a tough-as-nails instructor at a camp attended by wealthy, pampered women. Fey, who will presumably play one of Rousey's targets in the film, will also produce.

Aside from this, Rousey also has the Road House remake in which she's taking on the role made famous by Patrick Swayze. She's also developing a biopic based on her memoir, MyFight/YourFight, which Mark Bomback is scripting now. Rousey and her fans continue to push for Marvel to cast her as Captain Marvel in the upcoming superhero film. Fey can be seen right now in Sisters and will next star in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot this March. [Deadline]