Review: 'Legends of Tomorrow', Season 1, Episode 2, Pilot Part 2

This week’s episode of Legends of Tomorrow was fun and delivered great action. The first thing I have to acknowledge is the Damien Dark cameo! I love how the show strategically places characters from the Flash and Arrow in this universe.  It was cool seeing the team fight together. Compared to last week’s episode, the show allowed viewers to see the group dynamic. They all have a reason to work together. There was unity and a cohesiveness among the members that was fueled by the team’s lack of trust in Rip Hunter.  All of them were placed in a dangerous circumstance under false pretense.  Who can blame them for having a chip on their shoulder? It makes sense that the team would want to eliminate Vandal Savage as soon as possible so they can go back to their lives.  Unfortunately, the team begins to see that there are consequences for their actions and they realize that they have to be strategic to eliminate the threat without augmenting the time line so that the future they know is changed forever.  For example, when Savage obtains a piece of Ray Palmer’s suit he is able to develop weapons that have a devastating consequence in the future. Our heroes are forced to get the tech back in order to avoid a more devastating future. I love how they are raising the stakes for the team! 
Professor Martin Stein was funny this week. He wasn’t funny necessarily for anything he said, but seeing his experience of interacting with his younger self allowed for some light moments in the show. It didn’t help the Jax and Sarah was there to see Stein as a free, fun, weed smoking young scientist.  
I enjoyed Hawkman and Hawkgirl this week episode. The fight between Vandal Savage and Hawkman was great. I was wondering how the writers were going to move Carter and Kendra towards being intimate. To my surprise, they killed Carter, which helped Kendra to realize that she is love with him.  Whenever they bring Carter back to the show, I hope they continue to show their relationship moving forward. 
Looking ahead, I feel like Heat Wave and Captain Cold are planning on joining Savage at some point in the show. I’m waiting for them to betray the team because they cant help but be bad. This weeks episode did a great job of setting the rules for time travel. While I was watching the show I was questioning how Rip decides what to change in history? I think it would be great at some point in the season if they did an episode on the Time Master’s Council. You cant help but wonder if Rip and the team accomplish the mission , what new problems are they making.