Mike Epps Spoofs 'The Purge' In Trailer For 'Meet The Blacks'

Is The Purge culturally relevant enough to warrant being spoofed? Apparently so, because that's what Meet the Blacks is attempting to do, and the results based on the trailer suggest only those who are desperate to see Fifty Shades of Black need bother.

Mike Epps, who has been entrusted with playing Richard Pryor in an upcoming biopic, stars as the head of a family that moves from Detroit to Beverly Hills after a sudden windfall. Little do they know their arrival coincides with the annual 'Purge' when murder is legal.  This looks pretty unfunny all around, and no amount of D-list celebs it throws out there are likely to change that. Mike Tyson, George Lopez, Bresha Webb, and Zulay Henao star, with Perez Hilton, Charlie Murphy, Paul Mooney, and more making appearances.

Written and directed by ex-NBA player Deon Taylor, Meet the Blacks opens April 29th.